This is the research website of the Networks for Accessibility, Resilience and Sustainability Laboratory. It highlights our research projects, papers, courses and news. The projects page summarizes those documented on NARS Lab’s GitHub team.

Source code

All the source code that generated this site was repurposed from Trevor Bedford’s website, which is freely available on GitHub.
and is placed under the MIT license. The files specifically generating NARS Lab’s website are available on Github as well.

Web stack


The site is built with Jekyll and versioned on Github. Content is stored as Markdown files with a bit of YAML at the top. This keeps content mostly semantic and can be easily processed.
In addition to including blog posts, simple Markdown files are included for papers and people, in which case the YAML metadata is bit broader, indicating things like paper PDFs or Twitter handles.

Again, thanks to Trevor Bedford’s code, project data are pulled in automatically by cloning the project repo and project metadata is gathered using Octokit to access the GitHub API via a preprocessing script. This allows project pages to display things like a list of contributors and recent commits.


This site currently retains the original design elements of bedford.io. Site layout and design are based on Bootstrap.
Other elements are:


This site is deployed to GitHub Pages.